City of Tacoma, WA Paid Sick Leave Poster


Employers with employees who work within the City of Tacoma, WA, must post City’s notice of the Paid Leave Law.


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Tacoma Paid Sick Leave

  • Beginning January 1, 2018, employees are  entitled to accrue one hour paid leave for every 40 hours worked within the City with no annual cap.
  • Workers are eligible to use paid sick leave 90 days after hire.
  • Leave may be used to care for the employee’s own health care or the care of specified family members, because of a work or child care closure by a public official, to obtain services related to domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, and for bereavement of specified family members.

Employers must give notice that employees are entitled to paid sick leave; the amount of paid sick leave and the terms of its use guaranteed under Tacoma Municipal Code, Title 18, Chapter 18.10; that adverse action against employees who exercise any right under this chapter is prohibited; and that each employee has the right to file a complaint if the employee is denied paid sick leave or experiences retaliation for exercising these rights.


The Tacoma Paid Leave Poster provides information about enforcement procedures and the agency to contact if an employee experiences retaliation for exercising rights under the law. Notice of the law must be provided in the employee’s primary language.

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