Virginia Human Trafficking Poster


Employers in the adult entertainment industry and truck stop operators are required to post the Virginia Human Trafficking Poster.


8.5″ x 11″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

SKU: 46600

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The Virginia Human Trafficking Poster asks a series of questions designed to help a person who has been forced into modern slavery realize that such actions are illegal, such as “Has anyone ever convinced you to have sex for money?” The poster informs patrons that victims are protected under United States and Virginia law, and provides information for the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline.

Victims of human trafficking may be forced to engage in commercial sex, housework, farm work, or any other activity, and unable to leave. Since 2007, the non-profit, non-governmental National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline has received 145,764 reports on potential victims of sex or labor trafficking. The Resource Center provides help and referral to services for victims and survivors of human trafficking, as well as training and general information for those who wish to provide assistance to victims.

Posting Requirement

Any employer who operates a truck stop or a business that provides entertainment with topless or otherwise semi-nude / nude employees, such as a strip club, is required to post the Virginia Human Trafficking Poster in the same location that other employee notices are commonly posted. (This requirement does not apply to businesses devoted primarily to the arts or theatrical performances.)

The operator of an adult entertainment business who fails to post this notice is subject to a civil penalty of $500. The operator of a truck stop who fails to cure within 72 hours following notification is subject to a civil penalty of $100 per truck stop.