Virginia Radiation Notice Poster


The Virginia Radiation Notice Poster must be posted in facilities where individuals are engaged in work under a Virginia Department of Health license or registration involving radiation sources.


8.5″ x 11″ – Poly Vinyl both sides.

SKU: 46200

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The Virginia Radiation Notice Poster describes employers’ and workers’ responsibilities regarding radiation regulations, standards for protection, exposure reporting and inspections. Employers are required to provide specified information on workers’ exposure to radioactive materials and radiation emitting machines. Workers are required to understand and abide by regulations and procedures, and to report unsafe working conditions or violations.

The poster also provides contact information for the Virginia Department of Health – Radioactive Materials Program.

Posting Requirement

Every  employer who is a licensee or registrant with the Radiological Health Program of Virginia is required to post the Virginia Radiation Notice Poster in a sufficient number of places as to permit individuals engaged in work under the license or registration to observe them on the way to or from any particular work location to which the document applies.

Licensees and registrants are additionally required to post current copies of:

  • Part IV and Part X of the Virginia Radiation Protection Regulations
  • The license, certificate of registration, and conditions or documents incorporated into the license by reference and amendments
  • The operating procedures applicable to activities under the license or registration
  • Any notice of violation involving radiological working conditions, proposed impositions of civil penalty, or order issued pursuant to the regulations and any response from the registrant or licensee

The Virginia Radiation Notice Poster and other required postings shall be conspicuous, and shall be replaced if defaced or altered. (12 VAC 5-481-2260)