British Columbia Minimum Wage Increases May 1

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On May 1, 2012 British Columbia’s minimum wage will increase to $10.25 per hour. The liquor server minimum wage will increase to $9.00 per hour. The May increases are part of a three-stage increase in the minimum wage announced in March, 2011.

Last year, British Columbia’s minimum wage increased twice. In 2011, the minimum wage rate per hour started at $8.00 per hour and increased in May to $8.75 per hour and to $9.50 per hour in November. The liquor server minimum wage went from $8.00 per hour to $8.50 in May and to $8.75 in November.

Remarking on the minimum wage increases, the Minister of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government observed that, “when workers have more money in their pockets, they are in a better position to support themselves and their families – and that’s good for the economy. We also know that employers need to plan for the increases, which is why we have given considerable advance notice and we are raising the minimum wage in smaller increments.”

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