Alaska DOL Expands Multilingual Outreach

With Alaska’s rising diverse population, the Alaska Department of Labor (DOL) and Workforce Development has released labor law information in additional languages. The Wage and Hour Employees’ Frequently Asked Questions pamphlet is now available in four additional languages. In addition to the English, Filipino, and Samoan versions, the pamphlet is now available in Yup’ik, Taglog, Korean, and Spanish.  

The Alaska DOL and Workforce Development is working on raising wage theft and human trafficking awareness, and wants to have this information available for different community groups. The state department’s main goal is to help employees understand their labor rights and recognize any violations. Doing so, will help fight against violations related to minimum wage and overtime, as well as human trafficking.

To learn more about Alaska’s minimum wage and labor rights, make sure to visit Alaska’s DOL website at

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