FMLA Posting Gets a Makeover

FMLACompliance Poster Company’s business partners will soon see a bright addition to their new All-On-One Labor Law posters. The US Department of Labor (DOL) has released an updated Family and Medical Leave Act posting. In addition to a vivid new color scheme, the new posting features a streamlined explanation of leave eligibility and entitlements that identifies key elements of the law but is easier to understand. For example, the posting explains that FMLA leave taken for the birth or placement of a child also includes leave for the purpose of child bonding. It clarifies that when requesting leave, sufficient notice to the employer does not require employees to share a medical diagnosis. The lengthy descriptions of military family leave entitlements and definition of serious health condition were removed from the posting. The notice specifies that FMLA complaints may be made to the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division.

The DOL also released updated versions of the Employee’s Guide to the FMLA and the Employer’s Guide to the FMLA, available here and here.

  • The Employee’s Guide answers the most common who, why, when and how questions about FMLA leave. It also includes three step-by-step flow charts that detail how FMLA coverage and eligibility are determined, illustrate the FMLA leave process and describe how the FMLA medical certification process works. It also details how to file an FMLA complaint with the WHD for employees that believe their FMLA rights have been violated.
  • The Employer’s Guide diagrams administration of FMLA leave, details legal requirements and identifies relevant sections of the FMLA regulations in a format that helps both new and experienced employers navigate and properly process FMLA leave. The guide will help employers understand and explain the practical application of FMLA rules, particularly military entitlements and serious health condition terminology.


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