December 16, 2019

2021 Montana Minimum Wage

The Montana Department of Labor and Industry has updated the Minimum Wage posting with the new 2020 minimum wage rate. Most employees must be paid the minimum wage for all hours worked. (Montana Code Annotated 39-3-404) Hours worked includes preparation time, opening and closing the business, company travel, and required meetings and training. Some employees Read more

Minnesota Minimum Wage Update Effective January 1, 2020! 2020 Minnesota Minimum Wage Peel ‘N Post™ Minnesota All-On-One Labor Law Poster™ What’s changed? The Minnesota Minimum Wage notice has been revised with the new minimum wage rates, effective January 1, 2020: Large employer minimum wage: $10.00 / hour Small employer minimum wage: $8.15 / hour Training wage and youth Read more