“Alexa, open Compliance Poster Company”

Part of Compliance Poster Company’s mission is to ensure that companies of all sizes are up to date with all state, federal, and local labor law posting requirements. A full time dedicated research staff publishes multiple articles each week about the latest changes to labor laws in the Compliance News section of CPCs website. You can subscribe to receive them by e-mail, and now to make it even easier, CPC has developed and released Alexa skill integration for these updates. After adding the Compliance Poster Company skill, you just need to say, “Alexa, open Compliance Poster Company” and your Alexa enabled device will read the latest updates to you. It’s never been easier to find out the latest on labor law changes.

One Time Setup Instructions

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device and select “Skills & Games” from the menu.

  2. Enter “Compliance Poster Company” in the search box and tap on the skill when it shows up.

  3. Press the “Enable to Use” button.

That’s it! You’re all set to listen to updates on your Echo, Echo Dot, or other Alexa enabled device.


Using the Skill

One the skill is added to your account, you simply need to say “Alexa, open Compliance Poster Company” and you will hear the latest update from CPC’s research staff. You can pause and play by saying “Alexa, pause” and “Alexa, resume.” Just say “Alexa, stop” when you’re done listening. You can say “Alexa, shuffle” to shuffle the playing order, or “Alexa, loop” to loop the current update. You can also ask for previous and next updates by saying “Alexa, previous” and “Alexa, next”.