Please Wear Face Mask Window Cling


Display the Please Wear Face Mask Window Cling at facility and business entrances to inform employees, customers, and visitors that wearing a cloth face covering is required or recommended.

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Who should post the Please Wear Face Mask Window Cling?

The Please Wear Face Mask Window Cling can be used by businesses with glass entrances, storefronts, or other smooth surfaces at facility entrance points. The Please Wear Face Mask Window Cling clearly communicates prior to entering the facility that employees, customers, and visitors should wear a protective face covering to prevent the spread of communicable diseases while on the premises.

Why post the Please Wear Face Mask Window Cling?

State and local health orders may require face masks to be worn at particular facilities. Even where not required by law or a public health order, private businesses may maintain a workplace health and safety policy requiring the use of face masks on premises.

The CDC recommends use of its COVID-19 Community Levels tool to help businesses determine what prevention steps to take, including implementing a masking requirement, based on the latest data.

  • At all community levels, individuals may choose to wear mask at any time and businesses may require wearing face masks on the business’ premises.
  • Where the community risk level is high, the CDC recommends that vaccinated and unvaccinated people wear masks in public indoor settings and by individuals who are at high risk of contracting or experiencing severe illness symptoms.

Other benefits include:

  • Face mask help prevent people who infected with a communicable illness and do not know it from transmitting the illness to others.
  • Face masks worn by healthy people helps protect them from contracting communicable illnesses from carriers.

Face masks also remind others to continue observing other communicable disease prevention behaviors, including:

  1. Staying home when sick
  2. Practicing social distancing
  3. Frequent hand washing
  4. Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces

Also share the social distancing message

The Please Wear a Face Mask Window Cling is most effective when used in conjunction with the Social Distancing Window Cling. The Social Distancing Window Cling reminds people to stay a safe distance from others while on the premises.

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