South Carolina Labor Law Posters

South Carolina All-On-One™ Poster


Guarantee your compliance! Employers are responsible for protecting employees’ rights and ensuring posting compliance. The South Carolina All-On-One™ Labor Law Poster fulfills all State, Federal and OSHA mandatory-to-post requirements for your workplace.

27″ x 40″ – laminated both sides.

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Complete Compliance Posting Solution – the All-On-One™ Labor Law Poster

Federal and State laws require employers to post notices informing employees of their rights and protections while performing work for their employers. South Carolina Labor Law Posters contain each of the state and federal mandatory labor law notices that must be posted in the workplace. Employers may also be required to post a separate city or county poster depending on their location, or specialized posters relating to their industry.

Poster Updates

Posting requirements may change throughout the year as the federal and state legislatures and regulatory agencies implement new laws. Sign up for our blogs and email blasts to never miss a required update! Next steps:

  • When only one labor law notice is updated with a mandatory change, you can instantly update your existing All-On-One™ Poster with CPC’s innovative Peel ‘N Post™ update sticker. A Peel ‘N Post™ is an adhesive-backed posting that sticks over the outdated posting on the All-On-One™ Poster.
  • When multiple labor law notice updates are released at the same time, the most economical way to achieve posting compliance is to replace the outdated All-On-One™ Poster with the newer version.
  • All-On-One™ Posters are updated with each mandatory and minor change as they happen, so purchasing a new poster is always an option.

Recent Changes

CPC tracks proposed laws and regulations all year long so that you can be prepared for new laws that South Carolina may affect your workplace and posting obligations.  For the last several years, Alabama has not made any changes to required state postings.  Changes that are reflected on the South Carolina All-On-One™ Poster include:

  • South Carolina does not have a South Carolina state minimum wage and overtime law. Employers and employees in South Carolina are subject to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishing minimum wage and overtime rights, tip credits, child labor protections, and nursing mothers’ rights.  South Carolina employers are also subject to the federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA).
  • FLSA Minimum Wage posting (July 2016) – Update includes nursing mothers’ rights to reasonable break time and a private place to express breast milk during work hours; revised description of enforcement and penalty provisions; differentiating independent contractors from employees; and QR code.
  • EPPA posting (July 2016) – The penalty maximum was removed to permit future penalty increases without affecting the posting.

2018 South Carolina Labor Law Posters  contain the following:

South Carolina State Postings

  • South Carolina Labor Law Abstract
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Your Rights as a Worker in South Carolina
  • Pay Day Notice
  • Emergency Numbers

State OSHA Postings

  • South Carolina: Safety and Health Protection on the Job

Federal Postings

  • Federal Minimum Wage
  • Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law
  • Employee Polygraph Protection Act
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

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