Federal No Smoking Poster


The Federal No Smoking Poster can be used for mandatory or voluntary designation of no smoking areas for businesses and places of employment.

Bilingual – English and Spanish.

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Product Description

The Federal No Smoking Poster displays the text “No Smoking” in English and Spanish and the international “no smoking” symbol (a burning cigarette in a crossed red “no” circle).

The Federal No Smoking Poster can be used to comply with posting requirements for states which require a generic No Smoking sign and/or the international no smoking symbol to be posted by business owners or in places of employment.

The Federal No Smoking Poster can also be used to designate a No Smoking area that is not required by law. Maintaining a smoke-free environment can help protect the health and safety of employees, customers, and the general public. Posting No Smoking signs reinforces your company No Smoking policy and reminds employees and customers that smoking is not allowed in the posted area.

Posting Requirements

The majority of states have specific requirements regarding an employer’s responsibility to maintain a smoke-free workplace and/or a business owner’s responsibility to maintain a smoke-free public place. Posting may be required at the entrance of the building or inside of the building, or both.

Some states require No Smoking signs to adhere to a format specific to that state. For more information on how to comply with your state’s smoking laws, please contact a compliance adviser.