credit history

The use of credit information, including credit history, as a screening tool by employers is common. A 2012 SHRM study found that nearly half of all employers check job applicants’ credit history as part of the hiring process. Employer credit checks are also the reason many job seekers remain unemployed. A 2012 Demos study found Read more

As reported in our blog on April 21, 2015, New York City (NYC) introduced a bill that if passed would prohibit an employer from asking job applicants or current employees questions regarding their credit history. On May 6, 2015, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio passed the Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act. The law became Read more

Colorado is the latest state to enact a law that prohibits employers from performing a credit history or credit check for hiring or other employment purposes. The Employment Opportunity Act (Senate Bill 18) applies to private sector employers with four or more employees. It prohibits employers from using “consumer credit information” in making employment decisions. Read more