rest periods

Many California employers are busy this month revising their compensation programs for their commissioned inside sales persons. That’s because a California Appellate Court has just determined that inside sales persons who are paid based purely on a draw from sales commissions are not being fairly compensated for their work. More specifically, the Court decided that Read more

Much of California’s employer-employee relationship is defined by seventeen separate Wage Orders, each one regulating a different industry or occupation. One of the Wage Order provisions that sparked controversy recently concerns mandatory employee rest breaks. In a decision promising broad application, the California Supreme Court’s straightforward reading of the term “rest break” translates into a Read more

Two recent California court decisions have interpreted features of California law that affect how employees spend their break time and what their employers can expect. Specifically, the decisions concern employee reprieve from work and availability during meal and rest periods. Applicable Law In California, employee meal and rest periods are prescribed by statute and Industrial Read more