Heat and Humidity: Dangers in the Workplace

High heat conditions present a real danger to employees. Even worse…the risk of heat-related illness becomes greater as the weather gets hotter and more humid. What we know is that workers become overheated from two primary sources: environmental conditions like heat and humidity and the internal heat generated by physical labor. That’s why when it’s hot safety comes first.

Now it’s simple to stay informed and safe in the heat. With the OSHA Heat Safety Tool, you have vital safety information available whenever and wherever you need it – right on your mobile phone. So you ask…exactly how does the Heat Safety Tool work?

The OSHA Heat Safety Tool is an App that allows workers and supervisors to calculate the heat index for their work site.  The heat index is a single value that takes both temperature and humidity into account.  It is a better measure than air temperature alone for estimating the risk of environmental heat sources and their effect on workers. Based on the heat index the App displays a risk level. Each risk level has corresponding protective measures that should be taken to protect workers from heat-related illnesses. The protective measures vary depending on the risk level, but include reminders such as how much fluid to consume and scheduling rest breaks.

At Compliance Poster Company we take both outdoor and indoor heat and the effects on workers very seriously. We have created a comprehensive line of “heat safety” products to help employers prevent heat-related illnesses.

With the OSHA Heat Safety Tool and Compliance Poster Company’s complete line of heat safety products you can create a safer workplace and reduce on-the-job heat-related illnesses.

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