Choking is always urgent in adults as well as young children.  A child may often swallow something that becomes lodged in the throat or windpipe.

The object soon blocks the flow of air, cutting off oxygen to the brain.  Displaying an infant /child choke saving compliance poster and taking infant/child CPR courses could help save a life.  But if a child is choking, its best to administer first aid immediately.  If the child is not able to cry or cough, or makes odd noises or even no sound at all, the airway may be blocked. They may need you to help get the object out.  If the child is coughing or gagging, the airway may be partially blocked – if so, let them continue to cough. If the child can not cough up the object, call 911 and begin back blows and chest thrusts.

Safety is our priority. Compliance Poster Company provides federal and state labor law posters and workplace compliance posters. We are committed to your compliance.

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