April 16, 2014

Minnesota’s governor has signed legislation raising the state’s minimum wage to $9.50 by 2016. This is a landmark increase because it has been a whooping 9+ years since the last increase in 2005. Currently, the minimum wage sits at $5.25 per hour for employees of small employers and $6.15 per hour for employees of large Read more

New Mexico has updated the mandatory state Minimum Wage Act poster to reflect changes in coverage and enforcement provisions. The posting now references the exclusion of workers in agriculture and certain airline employees from overtime pay requirements. The posting also includes new remedial options available to employees for violations of the Minimum Wage Act. There Read more

Effective April 20, 2014, all employers in the City of Philadelphia are required to provide written notice of the recently enacted Pregnancy Accommodation Rights Law. This notice must be provided to new employees at commencement of employment.  Ideally, the notice would be included in an employee handbook or other form of hiring package. As for Read more