Crafting Solid HR Policies

Are solid HR policies important for the small employer? The answer is YES! Crafting solid HR policies isn’t a task exclusively for large employers. A well written employee handbook and policy manual benefits employers of all sizes and YES their employees too.

The first step to crafting solid HR policies is to define goals for the company, management and employees. At this stage, it is important to align the role of HR with the overall business strategy.

What should an employee handbook include?

  • Clarify the company culture by creating a mission statement
  • Create policies that outline the terms of employment in clear and concise language and address topics such as electronic monitoring, computer use and limitations, social media, dress code and much more
  • Include expectations and consequences
  • Outline applicable state, federal and local law requirements
  • List company benefits
  • If you are in an at-will state include an at-will disclaimer

Last but not least include an employee acknowledgement and get each employee to sign that they received the handbook and had an opportunity to ask questions. Keep the signed acknowledgement in the employees personnel file.

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