Mandatory Nevada Update – Unemployment Insurance Notice to Employees

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All Nevada employers with one or more employees are required to post the recently revised Unemployment Insurance Notice to Employees. The Notice to Employees has new information about filing an unemployment claim online and a new section that deals with unemployment insurance fraud.

The Employment Security Division encourages claimants to use the internet to file weekly claims so that phone lines are clear for customers who need assistance from a claims examiner. The website provides instructions for filing a claim online, allows new claimants to register, and provides information about the UI debit card, forms and laws, and access to job resources.

The Notice to Employees also has new information about reporting suspected fraud online or by telephone. Employers and employees can participate in unemployment insurance fraud control by reporting suspicious activities. Examples of claimant fraud include:

  • Collecting unemployment while secretly working at another job
  • Collecting other monies (such as a pension) without reporting it to the state while on unemployment insurance
  • Cashing another person’s unemployment check without permission
  • Using a false name or social security number to receive unemployment benefits while continuing to work elsewhere
  • Falsely claiming to look for work while receiving unemployment insurance
  • Fabricating an employer and claiming to be a laid-off employee in order to receive unemployment benefits

Examples of employer fraud includes:

  • Lying about why an employee was terminated or about their salaries in order to avoid paying out insurance money
  • Intentionally withholding employee deductions and not paying them to the state

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