The Washington Employment Security Department (ESD) has just released two workplace notices that must be posted by all Washington employers – the new Washington Domestic Violence Resources notice and the revised Unemployment Benefits notice.  The notices are aimed at making sure that individuals are aware of the resources available to them in the event they Read more

Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Notice is Revised Once Again

The State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development has revised, yet again, the Notice to Employees about Applying for Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance. Back in May, the department revised the notice to reflect new procedures when filing an unemployment insurance benefit claim. This month, the released notice includes a new requirement for employers. Employers are required Read more

Procedural Change to Wisconsin’s Unemployment Insurance Posting

Starting May 24, 2017, unemployment claims in the state of Wisconsin must be filed online. The Division of Unemployment Insurance is retiring the automated telephone filing system. The goal of switching online is to help make the process easier and faster for claimants. Claimants will have access to their claim information seven days a week. The Read more

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Office of Unemployment Compensation has recently released an updated unemployment compensation posting with new information that can help reduce inaccurate unemployment compensation benefits. Employers may provide employees that become unemployed or hours are reduced due to lack of work a completed Form UC – 1609. The form will Read more

Illinois jobseekers who file new claims for unemployment insurance benefits need to get a jump start on the job hunt. The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) recently announced that it is enhancing its enforcement of the requirement that unemployment insurance claimants register for employment services. Beginning July 17, 2016, new claimants will be required Read more

The Idaho Department of Labor has recently updated its mandatory unemployment insurance benefits posting. The posting revisions include a new color scheme, an equal opportunity statement, and a new unemployment insurance filing claim process. Before qualifying to receive payment, the unemployment insurance program requires applicants to meet the following conditions: be totally or partially unemployed Read more

Washington Unemployment Benefits Washington State requires employers responsible for unemployment insurance coverage of their employees to post the mandatory Unemployment Benefits poster. The notice has several important changes that affect applicant eligibility and application procedures. This includes: Applicants must be able to provide employer history for the last 18 months Applicants that were in the Read more

On January 1, 2016, the minimum wage rate in the state of Massachusetts increased from $9.00 per hour to $10.00 per hour. The minimum wage rate increase is the second in a series of three annual increases required by Senate Bill 2195 signed in 2014 by Governor Deval Patrick. The next increase is scheduled for Read more

The Virginia Employment Commission is promoting the use of its online services for unemployment insurance claims and moving away from the use of in-person services. Specifically, the department has released an updated Unemployment Insurance Notice to Workers. The new posting includes an updated web address for filing a claim for benefits online.  The posting also Read more