Summer is Here, Are You Ready for an Influx of Teen Workers?

Statistics show there was a period of decline in teen summer employment rates in the early to mid 2000’s. Was the decline due to more teens concentrating on academics or the result of a weakened labor market due to recessionary times?  Probably a little of both, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics May 2014’s employment situation is very different.  Even though numbers indicate the teenager work group’s unemployment rate is currently at 19.2%, that number was higher in May of 2013, at 24.1%, and has declined each month since March 2014.

Knowing the young labor force grows sharply between April and July each year it is important for employers to think about legal requirements and teen worker safety.  In fact, several states, the federal government, and Canadian Provinces have resources regarding youth employment rules and safety.

Be prepared! Check out some of the web links below for tips on teens in the workplace.

  • Alberta Canada’s Young Worker Resources website
  • British Columbia Canada’s Safety at Work website
  • Connecticut Young Worker Safety and Health website
  • Federal Employer’s Pocket Guide to Youth Employment
  • Federal Young Worker Safety in Restaurants eTool
  • Federal Young Worker in Agriculture eTool
  • Oregon Young Workers’ Video Stories
  • Utah OSH Youth Workers’ Guide
  • Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Youth Safety Resources webpage

The American Society of Safety Engineers launched a “Don’t Be a Zombie at Work” interactive online computer game designed to help teens stay safe in the workplace.

To find out specifics about child labor laws in your state visit the YouthRules website. It is simple to use, just click on a map of the US and Territories for a link to the appropriate Child Labor Law.

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