Child Labor Laws

2017 Maine Child Labor Laws Peel 'N Post

On July 9, 2017 Maine Governor Paul LePage signed LD 1564 into law. The bill, which passed as an emergency measure and went into effect immediately upon signing, amends the state’s child labor laws to allow 14- and 15-year-olds to work in a broader range of businesses and occupations. Previously, minors in this age group Read more

Maryland has revised the state’s Employment of Minors Fact Sheet which employers can download free from Compliance Poster Company here.  Employers must post the Employment of Minors Fact Sheets where youths under age 18 are employed.  (Md. Code Ann. § 3-214). The posting contains new information about applying for a minor work permit online.  Under Read more

Statistics show there was a period of decline in teen summer employment rates in the early to mid 2000’s. Was the decline due to more teens concentrating on academics or the result of a weakened labor market due to recessionary times?  Probably a little of both, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics May Read more

With summer fast approaching, many employers are planning on bringing young people into the workplace for employment and experience. Depending on your summer plans, there are a few tips you should consider to make sure your young people are properly engaged, prepared and will benefit from the experience. Ensure youths are properly classified. Employers are Read more

Alabama has released multiple labor law notices to meet recent changes in state labor laws. The Alabama Department of Labor requires that employers update state notices to the latest versions. The Alabama Child Labor Law posting has been updated to include: New Record-keeping section requiring employee information forms, proof of age, and detailed time records, Read more

You never want to hear about any worker getting injured on the job, but you definitely don’t want to hear about kids getting hurt! Unfortunately, a teenager in Oregon was injured when he was using a power-driven band saw.  And, sadly, the entire situation never should have happened — since having the teen use the Read more

Compliance Poster Company’s Louisiana State & Federal All-On-One Labor Law posters feature two new Louisiana state-mandated postings: 2012 Earned Income Credit The 2012 Earned Income Credit (EIC) posting identifies the new EIC income eligibility increases for 2012. The posting lists the income eligibility levels for employees with no qualifying children, and for employees with one, Read more

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is proposing revisions to child labor regulations to strengthen the safety requirements for young workers employed in agriculture and related fields.  The proposed updates are based on the enforcement experiences of the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD), recommendations made by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Read more

A state legislative session summary may sound like a boring proposition, but important laws and amendments to laws can make for interesting news especially when they positively affect one group or another.  Before we recap Maine and New Hampshire’s 2011 legislative sessions we will briefly review an important portion of our democratic system, the legislative Read more

Louisiana has updated its Minor Labor Law state-mandated posting. The notice has been revised to reflect child labor law changes effective August 15, 2011 per H.B. 303. Under the new provisions, the following child labor law changes will be implemented: Hour restrictions for 14 & 15 year olds Under former law: Minors could not work Read more