Minnesota Minimum Wage Rates Increase in August

Minnesota Minimum Wage Peel 'N PostIn 2014, Minnesota passed a new bill (H 2091) that will raise the minimum wage. Under the new law, the minimum wage is scheduled to increase in phases. Starting August 1, 2015, the new minimum wage rates are:


Large employers – $9.00 per hour

Small employers – $7.25 per hour

Training wage rate – $7.25 per hour

Youth wage rate – $7.25 per hour

J-1 Visa – $7.50 per hour  

By 2016, the minimum wage for employees working for large employers (annual gross volume of sales is not less than $500,000) will reach $9.50 per hour. For employees working for small employers (annual gross volume of sales is less than $500,000), the minimum wage rate will be $7.75 per hour. After 2017, the minimum wage rates will be determined by using the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Every employer subject to the Minnesota Fair Labor Standards Act must post the Minimum Wage Rates posting. CPC offers two options to stay compliant – Minnesota 2015 Minimum Wage Peel ‘N PostTM and Minnesota All-On-OneTM Labor Law Poster

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