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Canadian Labour Law Posters Updated

Earlier this year, five Canadian provinces increased their minimum wage rates. Now, the other five will follow suit with wage increases to ranging from 15 cents to $1.40. Alberta’s minimum wage workers will see the largest jump as the second in a series of scheduled increases brings the rate towards $15.00 per hour. New Minimum Read more

Last week, the Ohio Department of Commerce announced that the state’s minimum wage is scheduled to increase on January 1, 2017. For non-tipped workers, the minimum hourly rate will rise from $8.10 to $8.15; for tipped workers, base wage before tips will rise from $4.05 per hour to $4.08 per hour. The new minimum wage Read more

By now, California employers have heard that several California localities will implement minimum wage rates that exceed state minimum wage rates effective July 1, 2016. Compliance Poster Company has all of the mandatory Minimum Wage posters in the required formats and languages. Click on a city/county below to order the poster for your community. CA Read more

The “Fight for 15” movement, which aims at raising the minimum wage rate to $15.00 per hour for low wage workers, continues to gain momentum across the country. This month, the District of Columbia joined the conversation with the introduction of new legislation that would increase the minimum wage in the District to $15.00 per Read more

As previously shared in our blog, the city of St. Louis passed a law on August 14th to increase its minimum wage rate. Minimum wage employees who had worked at least 20 hours within a calendar year in the City had to be paid $8.25 per hour starting October 15th. Under the new ordinance, employers Read more

Beginning tomorrow October 15th, employers in the city of St. Louis must pay their minimum wage employees $8.25 per hour. As stated in the new ordinance (Bill 83), an employee must be paid the new rate if he or she worked 20 hours within a calendar year while physically present within the geographic boundaries of Read more

The Kansas City, MO City Council has passed an ordinance that will increase the minimum wage rate. Employers within the corporate limits of Kansas City, MO and with a total of 15 employees must pay their employees $8.50 per hour beginning on August 24th. The following minimum wage rates have been established under the ordinance: Read more