British Columbia Gives Minimum Wage Workers a Boost in Pay

For the first time since 2012, British Columbia, Canada, will raise its general minimum wage rate from $10.25 per hour to $10.45 per hour effective September 15, 2015. The Liquor server minimum wage rate, currently $9.00 per hour, will also increase on September 15 to $9.20 per hour. The September minimum wage rates are included on Compliance Poster Company’s updated British Columbia All-On-One Labor Law Poster.

The B.C. All-On-One Labor Law Poster also includes an explanation of how future increases in the minimum wage will be determined. Beginning September 15, 2016, and each year thereafter, the minimum wage rate will be adjusted for inflation as measured by an increase in the B.C. Consumer Price Index (CPI) from the previous year. The liquor server wage will also adjust for inflation each year, calculated at $1.25 per hour less than the general minimum wage rate. The government will announce yearly increases in March to take effect the following September 15. In years where there is a negative CPI change, the minimum wage will stay the same.

The updated B.C. All-On-One Labor Law Poster also takes notice of transgender status as a basis for human rights protection in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations. In B.C., transgender discrimination is considered a prohibited form of sex discrimination. This means that an employer may not refuse to hire, terminate, or discriminate in the terms or conditions of employment based on an employee’s or applicant’s transgender status, and must provide a harassment-free environment for their employees, job applicants, and customers.

The B.C. All-On-One Labor Law Poster covers most aspects of employers’ and employees’ workplace rights and responsibilities, including occupational health and safety topics. In addition, the complimentary B.C. Companion Poster identifies specific posting requirements and provides legal references. All government agency contact information on the B.C. poster set has been verified. The minimum wage increases soon – order today!

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