Illinois Gets Tough on Jobseekers Who Want Unemployment Benefits

IDESIllinois jobseekers who file new claims for unemployment insurance benefits need to get a jump start on the job hunt. The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) recently announced that it is enhancing its enforcement of the requirement that unemployment insurance claimants register for employment services. Beginning July 17, 2016, new claimants will be required to complete the registration process and upload at least one resume to the state’s employment services website before they can receive unemployment benefits. Registration is separate from the unemployment benefits application.

The website has many resources available to jobseekers, including free job postings, recruiting programs, job matches, hiring fairs, workshops, seminars and webinars. Registration requires completing a “Job Match Profile” that can be used to connect jobseekers directly with employers. Employers are able to search the website for résumés with skills, education and work histories that match their job openings.

Claimants are advised that registration on another job search engine does not count as completing the employment service registration. Claimants that fail to register by the due date will not be eligible for Unemployment Insurance benefits for any week prior to the completed registration. Individuals who are currently receiving benefits are not required to register again.

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