Michigan Continues to Receive a Paid Sick Leave Proposal

States across the nation continue the sick leave momentum. Each year, more states and municipalities are requiring employers to provide employees with sick leave time. Michigan might be the latest state to pass such legislation. Since 2014, several Michigan proponents have tried to generate enough signatures to send a paid sick time proposal to the state’s legislature. Failing to collect enough signatures, the proponents tried collecting more signatures in 2016. Failing, again, to collect enough signatures, proponents will continue their attempt in 2018. The goal is to generate enough signatures in 180 days, starting from the time of the first signature, to take the proposal to Michigan’s Legislature.

If passed, employers in the state of Michigan will be required to provide paid sick time to their employees, including part-time ones. Covered employees would earn one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked. Employees working for large businesses would be able to use up to 72 hours of paid sick time each calendar year. Employees working in smaller businesses would be able to use up to 40 hours of paid sick time each calendar year. Compliance Poster Company will monitor proposal. Visit our website soon! Michigan might be the next state to follow the trend with its own paid sick time law.

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