February 2017

California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health, better known as Cal/OSHA, leads the way in protecting workers from heat exposure in outdoor places of employment. For years, Cal/OSHA has campaigned to raise awareness of outdoor heat exposure and improve the working conditions of outdoor laborers. That focus led Cal/OSHA to release new outdoor heat regulations Read more

On February 6, 2017, Missouri became the 28th Right-to-Work state. Governor Eric R. Greitens signed S.B. 19, prohibiting employees from being required to support a union as a condition of employment. As stated in the text of the law, no individual should be required to: become, remain, or refrain from becoming a member of a Read more

Each year, more states and communities are requiring employers to provide their workers with sick leave benefits to care for themselves or family members who are ill or injured. This year, Illinois follows the trend with its own Employee Sick Leave Act. The Act doesn’t give workers any additional time off, but it does require Read more

Starting March 1, 2017, Ohio employers and business owners can no longer prevent holders of valid concealed carry licenses from storing firearms and ammunition at their place of business, so long as they remain within the licensee’s own vehicle. Senate Bill 199, approved by the Ohio Legislature during their 2016 session and signed into law Read more

Much of California’s employer-employee relationship is defined by seventeen separate Wage Orders, each one regulating a different industry or occupation. One of the Wage Order provisions that sparked controversy recently concerns mandatory employee rest breaks. In a decision promising broad application, the California Supreme Court’s straightforward reading of the term “rest break” translates into a Read more

At least until the next court date, Minnesota employers operating outside of the city of Minneapolis can breathe a sigh of relief…and so can employees of Minneapolis-based employers. In response to the initial challenge to the Midwest’s first local sick leave law, a Hennepin County District Court Judge ruled that the Minneapolis Sick and Safe Read more