New Brunswick Labour Law Poster Update

New Brunswick Employment Standards Update

New Brunswick Labor law compliance PosterEmployment Leave and 
Sexual Harassment 
postings updated!
New Brunswick
Labour Law Poster
Changes include:
  • Revised Types of Employment Leave Under the New Brunswick Employment Standards Act
  • Revised Sexual Harassment is Prohibited Under the New Brunswick Human Rights Code
  • Revised Employment Standards Companion Poster
How did the Employment Leave posting change?
The Types of Employment Leave Under the New Brunswick Employment Standards Act posting has been updated with information on new and revised categories of employment leave:
  • New! Critically Ill Adult Leave – Employees are entitled to unpaid leave to care for their critically ill child or other family member who is 18 years of age or older.
  • New! Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, or Sexual Violence Leave– Employees are entitled to both paid and unpaid time off for purposes related to the employee or the employee’s child having been a victim of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, or sexual violence.
  • Revised! Child Care Leave – Expanded to 62 weeks.
  • Revised! Maternity Leave – Start date for leave has been expanded to no earlier than 13 weeks before the probable delivery date.
How did the Sexual Harassment posting change?

The Sexual Harassment is Prohibited Under the New Brunswick Human Rights Code posting has been rewritten to correspond to new guidance issued by the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission. The list of potentially prohibited conduct has been rewritten to indicate that sexual harassment may consist of behaviors ranging from sexually oriented jokes, patronizing name calling, unwelcome invitations, or sexual touching and physical assault.

The section on employer responsibilities has also been rewritten to reflect the employer’s responsibility to create a work environment free from all manner of sexual harassment – verbal, physical, and psychological. The employer must exercise due diligence to address incidents of sexual harassment by their employees or representatives.
How did the Employment Standards Companion Poster change?

Two sections of the Employment Standards Companion Poster have been rewritten to better reflect employer posting requirements.

  • New Brunswick Maximum Hours Regulations – Employers are required to post Employment Standards Regulations which prescribe the maximum number of hours an employer may require an employee to work at the minimum wage.
  • New Brunswick Occupational Health and Safety Act – Employers are required to post the full text of the OHS Act and the OHS Regulations.
Why should I post?
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