New York Poster Update Required – Time Off to Vote

Attention New York Employers

Poster Update Needed –
Effective Immediately!
New York 
Time Off to Vote
What’s new?
On April 1, 2019, the New York Legislature passed the state’s 2020 budget, amending the Election Leave Law. Effective immediately, employers must provide registered voters with up to three hours to vote. Employers must also allow registered voters to take time off to vote at either the beginning or the end of a working shift. Registered voters must request time off to vote at least two working days before the election. The New York Time Off to Vote Poster has been revised to reflect these amendments.
Who must post?
All New York employers are required to display the Time Off to Vote Poster in conspicuous locations in the workplace for at least ten working days before every election. The poster must be kept posted until the close of the polls on election day. (New York Election Law, Sec. 3-110)

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