Wisconsin Releases Updated Unemployment Insurance Posting

2019 Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Peel 'N PostWisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development Unemployment Insurance Division has released an updated Unemployment Insurance posting entitled “Notice to Employees About Applying for Wisconsin Unemployment Benefits.” To provide employees with the most current information on unemployment insurance, employers must post the revised Unemployment Insurance posting.

The posting includes an updated web address for obtaining more information on the unemployment insurance process. The posting’s new revision date is 09/2019. The webpage provides a Handbook for Claimants that contains instructions about eligibility for benefits and how to protect employee rights to those benefits under the Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Law. The webpage also hosts an informative Frequently Asked Questions section that answers specific questions employees may have.

All employers covered by Wisconsin’s Unemployment Insurance Law are required to display this posting in each workplace. (Wisconsin Administrative Code, DWD 120.01) Suitable locations for posting the notice include: on bulletin boards, near time clocks, and other places where all employees will readily see them.

To remain in compliance with Wisconsin labor laws, employers can purchase the Wisconsin All-On-OneTM Poster or 2019 Unemployment Insurance Peel ‘N PostTM. Order online using the links above, or call 1-888-463-5616 if you’d like to speak to a Compliance Advisor regarding this update.

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