District of Columbia 2022 Equal Employment Opportunity Posting Update

District of Columbia Mandatory Posting Update

Human Rights Act Expanded to Protect New Categories

Effective Immediately!

District of Columbia Equal Employment Opportunity Peel ‘N Post™
District of Columbia All-On-One™ Labor Law Poster
What changed?
The District of Columbia Human Rights Act was amended to prohibit employers, employment agencies, and labor organizations from taking discriminatory action against prospective and current employees based on their credit information and status as a victim or as a family member of a victim of domestic violence, sexual offense, and stalking. The Equal Employment Opportunity posting has been revised to include the new protected categories under the Human Rights Act. 
Who must post?
Every employer subject to the District of Columbia Human Rights Act must post and keep posted the Equal Employment Opportunity posting in a conspicuous location. (DC Code § 2-1402.51) 

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