British Columbia, Canada 2022 All-On-One™ Poster Update

Attention: British Columbia Employers

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British Columbia 2022 All-On-One™ Labour Law Poster

2022 Labour Law Posting Updates:

Minimum Wage

Employee Leaves

Human Rights

Health and Safety

British Columbia All-On-One™ Labour Law Poster

What’s new?

Minimum Wage
The posting has been updated to reflect the minimum wage increase effective June 1, 2022, to $15.56 per hour.
Employee Leaves 
The posting reflects additional leave information including:
  • Increase in Illness and Injury Leave to 5 paid days and 3 unpaid days of sick leave per calendar year.
  • COVID-19 related leaves, including COVID-19 vaccination leave and unpaid leave for certain reasons related to COVID-19.
  • The purposes for which employee leaves may be used, the duration of the leave, and employee rights and protections while on leave.
Human Rights Protection in Employment
The posting has been updated to reflect new protections and current policies regarding employment discrimination, including:
  • New protected categories – Indigenous Identity, and Gender Identity and Expression – and additional protected Sex characteristics.
  • Updated descriptions of:
    • employment discrimination
    • harassment and sexual harassment
    • duty to accommodate
    • complaint procedures
Health and Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility
The posting has been substantially revised to improve clarity regarding health and safety roles and responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and employees.

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