Mandatory 2024 Fast Food Minimum Wage Supplement Poster

California Fast Food Restaurants

Mandatory Posting Requirement
 California 2024 Minimum Wage
Fast Food Supplement Poster
Effective April 1, 2024!
What’s new? 
  • Effective April 1, 2024, California Fast Food Restaurant employers, regardless of the number of employees, are required to pay their employees no less than $20.00 per hour.
  • Beginning April 1, 2024, employers covered by the fast food minimum wage law must have posted:
    • 2024 Minimum Wage Fast Food Supplement Poster, and
    • 3/2024 IWC Order 5 (Public Housekeeping Industry), or
    • 3/2024 IWC Order 7 (Mercantile Industry).
What is a Fast Food Restaurant?

To be considered a Fast Food Restaurant, the restaurant must meet ALL of the following:

  1. The restaurant is a “limited-service restaurant” in California. A “limited-service restaurant” is one that offers limited or no table service, where the customers order food or beverage items and pay for those items before the items are consumed.
  2. The restaurant is part of a restaurant chain of at least 60 establishments nationwide. Fast Food Restaurant includes franchisees of the national brand.
  3. The restaurant is primarily engaged in selling food and beverages for immediate consumption. “Primarily engaged in” means that the business earns more than 50% of its gross income from selling food or beverage items for immediate consumption.
What is not considered a Fast Food Restaurant?
  • Business locations performing only administrative, warehouse, or food preparation work.
  • A restaurant that produces bread on site and sells it as a stand-alone menu item weighing at least ½ pound after cooling.
  • A restaurant located in a grocery store that is more than 15,000 sq. ft. in size and employs the restaurant workers.