gender expression

The topic of gender identity has been the subject of both media and legislative attention recently. In the workplace, discrimination is a major contributor to the especially high rates of unemployment and underemployment faced by transgender people. These workers are often fired, paid less or harassed because of who they are. So it is not Read more

Compliance Poster Company’s Newfoundland & Labrador All-On-One™ Labor Law Poster has been updated with several labor law changes that impact employer responsibilities and policies, and employee rights. These changes apply to all employers in the province. Minimum Wage Increase Oct. 1 One change that may have the greatest impact is a 25-cent increase in the Read more

California has ended their 2011 legislative session. Governor Jerry Brown has signed many bills into law that may impact California employers in 2012 and beyond. These enacted bills vary in content and scope. Listed below are some important highlights and how they may affect employers. Gender Identity and Expression and Discrimination Based on Genetic Information: Read more