Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

On July 1, 2019, two new ordinances will go into effect in Seattle, Washington, giving domestic workers labor rights and protections traditionally reserved for mainstream employees. The Domestic Workers Ordinance (a.k.a. “Domestic Workers Bill of Rights”) gives minimum wage, meal and rest break rights to domestic workers. The other ordinance extends the protections of the Read more

Seattle Workplace Poster

Three cities in the State of Washington – Seattle, Tacoma and SeaTac – have announced increases in their minimum wage rates for 2018 and have released revisions to their mandatory minimum wage notices.  Each city has a minimum wage rate that is higher than the statewide minimum wage rate which went up to $11.50 per Read more

Over the next few weeks, Seattle, WA will be considering an ordinance to provide employees of large employers predictability and flexibility in the scheduling of their work hours. The ordinance, called the Secure Scheduling Proposal, will require giving workers advance notice of their work schedules, pay them for on-call hours, provide them the opportunity to Read more

Seattle 4-In-One “Workplace Poster” Late last year, the City of Seattle, Washington conducted an overhaul of its labor laws, enhancing employee protections and standardizing employer compliance requirements with the passage of Ordinance 124960. The changes affect the way employers must administer their workplace policies and procedures and provide greater protection to applicants and employees that Read more

Washington Unemployment Benefits Washington State requires employers responsible for unemployment insurance coverage of their employees to post the mandatory Unemployment Benefits poster. The notice has several important changes that affect applicant eligibility and application procedures. This includes: Applicants must be able to provide employer history for the last 18 months Applicants that were in the Read more

Minimum wage earners in Seattle will be getting a substantial raise starting January 1, 2016. At a time when most minimum wage rates will stay flat, the City’s Minimum Wage Ordinance ranks among the country’s highest paying minimum wage laws. It also establishes the most far-reaching minimum wage schedules in the nation. Scheduled increases in Read more

Soon, Seattle’s Minimum Wage Ordinance will go into effect establishing the minimum wage rate for work performed in Seattle, as follows: $11.00 per hour minimum wage rate for employees of small employers (businesses with 500 or fewer employees in the United States), or $10.00 per hour plus tips and/or health benefits $11.00 per hour for Read more

This year more cities and counties are enacting minimum wage laws that promise a raise for local workers. Local minimum wage laws enacted this week are those for Seattle, WA, Montgomery County, MD and Prince George’s County, MD. Seattle, WA Signed into law on Monday, Seattle’s minimum wage ordinance is scheduled to make the city’s Read more

Beginning Nov. 1, 2013, the City of Seattle will limit employers’ ability to use criminal history information in hiring and employment decisions. Key provisions of a new ordinance (No. 124201) include: Initial screening:  During the initial screening process, employers cannot perform a criminal background check or ask about an applicant’s criminal history, even on a Read more