CPC Warns Employers of Sizzling Temperature Dangers

Compliance Poster Company reminds employers that hot summer days are dangerous for workers. According to Cal/OSHA Chief Ellen Widess “heat illness is preventable and should not occur if proper procedures are followed. As high heat develops across the state employers are to take special care so that they can provide the appropriate safeguards for their outdoor workers”.

Employer Requirements:

  • Train supervisors and employees about heat illness prevention
  • Provide plenty of cool water
  • Encourage employees to drink water often
  • Provide shaded areas for employees
  • Take it slow – give workers a period of time to get used to the heat
  • Prepare a site-specific emergency heat plan
  • Train workers on steps to take if someone gets sick

Did you know…two years ago the heat illness prevention standard was strengthened? Well it was! There are new high heat provisions for 5 different industries:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Construction
  3. Landscaping
  4. Oil and gas extraction
  5. Transportation

The enhanced provisions must be implemented when temperatures reach 95 degrees. Yep you heard it right, when temperatures reach 95 degrees! The procedures include closely observing employees and extra supervision for new employees. And what about those water breaks? Supervisors must monitor employees to ensure they drink plenty of water throughout their shift.

Don’t delay – protect your workforce and conduct training refreshers today! Compliance Poster Company has a complete line of heat-related products to reinforce training and keep employers in compliance with the strict Cal/OSHA heat illness standard.

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