California Labor Commissioner Announces Wage Theft Protection Campaign

California Labor Commissioner Julie Su recently announced a statewide multilingual wage theft campaign designed to educate employers and workers about labor standards such as minimum wage, overtime, and meal and rest break requirements. The campaign features a variety of outreach efforts, especially geared toward reaching low-wage workers.  According to Christine Baker, Director of the CA Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), the DIR’s mission is to protect all workers with comprehensive labor laws and proactive enforcement throughout the state”.  The DIR wants workers to know their rights and employers their responsibilities because knowledge is power. The campaign “Wage Theft is a Crime” can be accessed online in English and Spanish.

As part of the California Wage Theft Protection Act, employers must provide each employee with a written notice containing specified information at the time of hire. The notice must be in the language the employer normally uses to communicate employment-related information to the employee.

The Required “Notice to Employee” is available in the following languages:

Visit the wage theft is a crime website for more information and to file a wage claim to recover unpaid wages, report a labor law violation, file a public works complaint or file a retaliation complaint if you were fired, demoted or punished for reporting labor law violations or workplace safety hazards.

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