Mandatory Changes to Nebraska Labor Laws: New Poster Required

Nebraska’s Department of Labor has released updates to the Unemployment Insurance Advisement of Benefit Rights posting. These are mandatory-to-post changes.

New Material Added:

  • Employment Services electronic notifications requirements,
  • Established statute section for the benefit eligibility of claimants seeking only part-time work (N.R.S. 48-627),
  • Claimants who have drawn benefits for over six (6) weeks will be required to expand the scope of the job search with respect to hours, wages, conditions, location and type of work,
  • Claimants who are unavailable for employment for four (4) days of any week will be disqualified from receiving benefits for that week, there are limited exceptions,
  • Ineligibility for benefits when a claimant fails to participate in reemployment services, and
  • Definition of full-time student under the UI Statute.

There are several ways to update with this mandatory-to-post change:

  1. Purchase the UI Advisement of Benefit Rights All-On-One Poster Peel ‘N Post for $9.95
  2. Purchase the UI Advisement of Benefit Rights Mobile Poster Pak Peel ‘N Post for $9.95
  3. Purchase an updated Nebraska All-On-One Poster dated 8/2014

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