Oregon & Washington 2016 Minimum Wage Rates

There are 12 states that currently tie their minimum wage rates to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Each year, these states adjust their minimum wage rates for an increase in the CPI over the last year. Oregon and Washington are the latest states to officially announce their minimum wage rates for 2016. Because there was a decrease in the CPI, Oregon’s and Washington’s minimum wage rates will remain unchanged for 2016.

  • 2016 Oregon minimum wage rate – $9.25 per hour
  • 2016 Washington minimum wage rate – $9.47 per hour

Minimum wage rates should stay at present levels for the remaining states that have yet to issue a formal announcement of the upcoming minimum wage rates. Despite flat minimum wage rates, Oregon and Washington have experienced plenty of labor law activity some of which has been or will be expressed in workplace posting changes. Washington just completed an overhaul of its occupational health and safety poster and Oregon is polishing up the rules to implement its new paid sick leave law. Stay tuned for mandatory poster updates!

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