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San Francisco Minimum Wage Poster

Why prohibit consideration of salary history? San Francisco employers will notice a new posting when they update their labor law posters this July.  The San Francisco Consideration of Salary History Ordinance, which was signed into law last summer, prohibits employers from asking about or using a job applicant’s prior salary history in deciding whether to Read more

Each year, more states and communities are requiring employers to provide their workers with sick leave benefits to care for themselves or family members who are ill or injured. This year, Illinois follows the trend with its own Employee Sick Leave Act. The Act doesn’t give workers any additional time off, but it does require Read more

San Diego’s minimum wage earners just got a $1.00 bump in their hourly wages. Effective January 1, 2017, San Diego’s minimum wage rate increased to $11.50 per hour. It’s the second raise workers received in the last six months. Just last June, San Diego voters approved increasing the minimum wage to $10.50 per hour. San Read more

San Francisco, CA employers perhaps have the most posting compliance responsibilities of any employers in the nation. For San Francisco employers, this year is no exception. Substantial changes were just made to three of the required workplace postings. Employers are required to post these updates immediately: Health Care Security Ordinance Paid Sick Leave Ordinance Paid Read more

Starting January 1st, Vermont workers will have extra peace of mind when they miss work because of an illness or injury. Vermont’s Earned Sick Time Act goes into effect on Sunday requiring all employers doing business in or operating in the State of Vermont to provide earned sick time to their employees that can be Read more