Georgia Unemployment Insurance Notice Updated for 2018

2018 Georgia Unemployment Notice Peel 'N Post - Mobile Poster PakWhile everyone’s been on then lookout for those big July 1 changes, Georgia – a state which has not updated any of its mandatory labor law notices since 2016 – slipped in under the radar with a summer surprise. With a revision date of 06/18, the Georgia Department of Labor has updated the Unemployment Insurance for Employees notice for the first time since 2013.

What’s New on the Georgia Unemployment Insurance Notice

The Georgia Unemployment Insurance for Employees notice informs employees that their job is covered by the Employment Security Law, describes eligibility requirements, and instructs employees on how to file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits. The bottom of the notice contains a complete list of locations for Georgia Department of Labor offices at which employees may file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits in person.

The Georgia Unemployment Insurance notice has been revised in order to place more emphasis on an employee’s ability to file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits online. It now supplies the URL for the Georgia Department of Labor website,, where employees can file an electronic claim for benefits. The list of locations for Georgia Department of Labor Career Centers has also been revised with obsolete locations removed and new locations added.

In order to help employers verify their posting responsibilities, CPC supplies the code section for the law or regulation specifying the posting requirement at the bottom of every mandatory labor law notice. This code citation has been updated with a reference to the section of the Georgia Code which states:

Employers shall post and maintain in places readily accessible to their employees all printed statements, posters, etc., released and required by the Commissioner of Labor or the Georgia Department of Labor pertaining to the rights of employees under the Employment Security Law. (Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. r. 300-2-7-.15)

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