December 4, 2018

2019 Ohio Minimum Wage Notice Now Available!

On January 1, 2019, 20 states, including the state of Ohio, are set to increase the minimum wage. Employers are required to pay employees at least the new minimum wage rate and post a notice in the workplace to inform employees of their right to receive the minimum wage. The Ohio Department of Commerce has released Read more

Update to Arkansas Minimum Wage Notice Effective January 1, 2019! 2019 Arkansas Minimum Wage Peel ‘N Post™ Arkansas All-On-One Labor Law Poster™ What’s new? On November 6, 2018, Arkansas voters approved a ballot initiative to increase the state minimum wage starting in 2019. The Arkansas Minimum Wage Notice (a.k.a. the Arkansas Department of Labor Notice Read more

New Mexico has updated two mandatory labor law notices: New Mexico Minimum Wage Notice –Updated summary of the most pertinent provisions of the Minimum Wage Law New Mexico Workers’ Comp Notice -Updated web address of the Workers’ Compensation Administration What changed? Minimum Wage – The posting has been rewritten and reformatted to clearly and concisely describe the rights Read more

Update to Florida Minimum Wage Notice Effective January 1, 2019! 2019 Florida Minimum Wage Peel ‘N Post™ Florida All-On-One Labor Law Poster™ What’s new? Florida Minimum Wage notice updated with 2019 rate! Available on the Florida All-On-One™ Labor Law Poster or as a cost-effective Peel ‘N Post™ update sticker! What’s changed? The Florida Minimum Wage notice provides Read more