Oregon Labor Law Postings Get a Makeover – Full Poster Update Required

Most Oregon employers already know that the state’s minimum wage rate increases, as it does every year, on July 1.  Along with the yearly rate change comes the annual update of the required Minimum Wage workplace posting reflecting the regional minimum wage rates in effect for the next twelve months.


Rather than just updating the numbers, this year the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) gave the Minimum Wage posting a full makeover and at the same time updated each of the state’s other required workplace postings, which include:

  • Breaks & Overtime
  • Equal Pay
  • Family Leave Act
  • Sick Time
  • Sexual Harassment & Domestic Violence Protections


Most importantly, the updated Minimum Wage posting shows the wage rate increases effective July 1, 2020:

  • Standard Counties – $12.00 per hour
  • Portland Metro Area – $13.25 per hour
  • Nonurban Counties – $11.50 per hour


The Minimum Wage posting also features a new map and a web address that employers and employees can use to determine the applicable wage rate.  The content of the posting has been greatly simplified highlighting key aspects of the Minimum Wage Law such as the prohibition of tip credits, requirements for deductions from pay, and the availability of the Earned Income Tax Credit.  Breaks, overtime, and paycheck information has moved to the new Breaks & Overtime posting.


Like the Minimum Wage posting, each of the state’s other required postings have been redesigned and pared down to the most pertinent provisions of law – which employees are covered, what are their rights and how they are protected.


Due to the sweeping changes to the state’s labor law postings, employers need to update to a full 2020 Oregon All-On-One™ Labor Law Poster to ensure compliance with posting responsibilities.  Don’t delay.  Order today!

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