Virginia Mandatory Poster Update Now Shipping

Virginia Mandatory Poster
Update Now Shipping!

Virginia 2022 All-On-One™
Labor Law Poster 


New! Seizure First Aid

Updated! Job Safety and Health Protection

What’s new?
Seizure First Aid – The posting has been added pursuant to House Bill 1178, requiring employers to physically post seizure first aid information in the workplace. The posting describes how to respond, attend, and provide comfort and safety to an individual experiencing a seizure. The posting describes:

  • Initial response procedures and the cues STAY, SAFE, and SIDE
  • When to call 911
  • Interventions that should not be taken by first aiders

Job Safety and Health Protection – The posting has been updated to reflect the maximum penalty amounts for Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) violations investigated on or after August 1, 2022, as follows:

  • Serious violations – $14,270 per violation
  • Other-than-serious violations – $14,270 per violation
  • Failure to correct violations – $14,270 per day
  • Willful or repeated violations – $142,691 per violation

Who must post?

  • Virginia employers with 25 or more employees must display the Seizure First Aid posting in a prominent position in the employer’s workplace that is visible to employees. (VA Code §40.1-11.4)
  • All Virginia employers must post and keep posted the Job Safety and Health Protection posting in the workplace. (16 VAC 25-60-40)

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