Pennsylvania Mandatory 2024 Labor Law Poster Update

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Revised Fair Practice Notices!
What’s changed?
The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission has updated the Employment Provisions and Public Accommodation Provisions notices. The notices reflect a new Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission web address where individuals can obtain more information about unlawful discriminatory practices and/or how to file a complaint.
The Employment Provisions notice must be posted conspicuously in easily-accessible and well-lighted places customarily frequented by employees and applicants for employment. (16 PA Code § 43.2) The Public Accommodation Provisions notice must be displayed at the place of public accommodation, resort or amusement. (16 PA Code § 43.22)
What else changed?

The Fair Lending Practices and Fair Housing Practices posters have also been updated with the new Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission web address. The Fair Lending poster must be displayed in the office, model home, sample apartment or other places of business where negotiations or agreements are made for the renting or purchasing of housing accommodations. (P.L. 744(4)(j)) Similarly, the Fair Housing poster must be displayed where negotiations or agreements are made for renting, leasing or purchasing of housing accommodations. (16 PA Code § 43.12)