California Specialty Posters

This month, many employees in Daly City, California will see more money in their paychecks.  That’s because last month, Daly City became the 19th municipality in the San Francisco Bay Area to pass an ordinance establishing a minimum wage rate that exceeds the state’s minimum wage rate.   Daly City’s first minimum wage hike goes Read more

California Agriculture Poster - English

Pesticides are an important tool for keeping our farms, homes, and workplaces free from pests which can destroy crops and spread illness to livestock or humans. However, pesticides can also pose a risk to humans when proper steps are not taken to limit exposure. Although individuals may be exposed to pesticides in many different environments, Read more

Transgender Rights Workplace

A Candid Look at Restroom Parity As part of its mission to educate employers and workers and prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has just released an updated version of the mandatory Transgender Rights in the Workplace posting.  The updated Transgender Rights posting provides indispensable Read more

California Employee Tax Information Booklet

California employers – don’t forget to provide your employees with notice of the State and federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).  This notice is required every year to be provided with employees’ annual wage summaries. Distributing Compliance Poster Company’s California Employee Tax Information/EITC Booklet to all employees brings you into compliance with California’s EITC notification Read more

California Computer Professionals' Base Wage Rate Jumps 2.9%

In California, employees in the computer software field (“computer professionals”) may be exempt from the state overtime requirements and other protections granted to non-exempt workers, such as reporting time pay and mandatory meal and rest breaks. There are two tests that must be met before an employee is considered an exempt computer professional, one of Read more

New California Workers’ Compensation Fraud Poster

California employers have the nation’s highest workers’ compensation burden with an average cost of 3.24 percent of payroll for workers’ compensation insurance, 76 percent above the national average. One factor in those costs is what officials say is an enormous amount of fraud. In California, it is estimated that workers’ compensation fraud costs between $1 Read more

Products sold in California, and restaurants, workplaces and other environments located in California, that contain or expose people to chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity, will soon be required to provide more specificity in the warnings they provide to the public. California’s amended “Prop 65” regulations require not only new warning statements, but Read more