New California Workplace Violence Poster

California’s Workplace Violence Prevention Law Takes Effect on July 1, 2024

Elevate Your Workplace Violence Prevention Training Program –
Post the New
 California Workplace Violence Poster
What is Covered on the California Workplace Violence Poster?
  • The California Workplace Violence Poster aligns with the requirements of Labor Code section 6401.9 and covers the following:
    • The definition of “workplace violence”
    • The 4 types of workplace violence and examples
    • Jobs or working conditions with a higher risk of workplace violence
    • Warning signs that may raise a workplace violence concern
    • How employees can help prevent workplace violence
    • How to respond to an immediate threat to workplace violence
    • Employer assurances regarding plan accessibility, incident reporting and response, and employee protection from retaliation
How Does the California Workplace Violence Poster Support Compliance?
  • Posting the California Workplace Violence Poster:
    • Increases employees’ understanding of workplace violence and awareness of workplace violence risks, prevention, reporting, and response procedures.
    • Supports mandated employee workplace violence prevention training.
    • Reinforces procedures in the event of an immediate threat of workplace violence.
Post the California Workplace Violence Poster in areas visible to employees throughout the workday and in employee training environments.