The US Department of Labor’s (DOL) challenge winning smartphone app, Eat. Shop. Sleep., is one way the DOL is sharing information with the public. Last July, the DOL launched its mobile app challenge, “informAction”, on the US Government’s website is a crowd sourcing website set up so that the public and government can Read more

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released action steps for sun protection as part of “SunWise” their program that radiates good ideas. The SunWise Program addresses the public health threat that overexposure in the sun and ultraviolet (UV) radiation presents. Sun exposure poses a particular threat to outdoor workers. Not only can overexposure Read more

Santa Fe, New Mexico will finally see an increase in the minimum hourly wage rate to $10.29 per hour, effective March 1, 2012. The city has also updated the mandatory Living Wage Ordinance poster. Compliance Poster Company carries the mandatory notice (#31701) in a bilingual format to comply with the municipal requirement that employers post Read more

Compliance Poster Company’s Louisiana State & Federal All-On-One Labor Law posters feature two new Louisiana state-mandated postings: 2012 Earned Income Credit The 2012 Earned Income Credit (EIC) posting identifies the new EIC income eligibility increases for 2012. The posting lists the income eligibility levels for employees with no qualifying children, and for employees with one, Read more

During Hawaii’s last legislative session, several new laws were passed that expand worker protections. Hawaii has updated required labor law posters to reflect the changes in the law. The updated postings are: Laws Prohibiting Employment Discrimination, and Notice to Dislocated Workers. The Employment Discrimination posting was revised to include the new classes and categories protected Read more