Shipping Giant Settles With U.S. DOL Over Charges of Hiring Discrimination

Rules that ensure fairness in the workplace for job applicants, employees and employers are important. This includes the big business of federal contracts. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, nearly one-quarter of the American workforce works for a federal contractor or subcontractor.  The federal agency responsible for ensuring this workplace fairness is the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). They enforce the laws of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity required of those who do business with the Federal government.

Recently the OFCCP found evidence that shipping giant FedEx’s hiring processes and selection procedures violated Executive Order 11246. This Order covers discrimination on the basis of protected classes like sex, race, disability, and national origin, among others. OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu stated that “Under the agreement, FedEx will have to really examine and revamp its hiring practices across the entire company”.  Under terms outlined in the conciliation agreement, a total of $3 million will be paid in back wages and interest to $21,635 for applicants who were rejected for entry-level package handler and parcel-related positions.

Click here for OFCCP Worker Fact Sheets on topics like Workplace Rights, Pregnancy and Childbearing Discrimination, Disability, and Protected Veteran’s Rights.

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