Missouri’s Mandatory Workers’ Compensation Posting Update

2017 Missouri Workers' Compensation Peel 'N PostThe Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation has recently updated the mandatory workers’ compensation posting. By law, all Missouri employers are required to post the Workers’ Compensation Law posting in a prominent and easily accessible location in the workplace (Missouri Revised Statutes, Section 287.127).  If employers do not have a permanent work site regularly accessed by employees, a copy of the notice must be provided to each employee.

In the updated Workers’ Compensation Law posting, individuals are provided with a website address where they can access information regarding additional benefits for occupational diseases due to toxic exposure that results in permanent total disability or death. The website is targeted specifically to individuals seeking information about the workers’ compensation process, what an employee is entitled to, and what an employer’s obligations are. The posting also updated the Fraud/Noncompliance section by adding new felony classes for employee, employer, and insurer fraud.  Knowingly making a claim for workers’ compensation benefits to which an employee is not entitled to or knowingly presenting multiple claims for the same occurrence is a class E felony. Similarly, an employer knowingly misrepresenting an employee’s job classification to obtain insurance at less than the proper rate multiple times is a class E felony.

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